3 Story Chat with Gail!

Picture the scene if you can, Gail with her mobile phone in one hand being interviewed by me about her crafting passion, whilst supporting and caring for her daughter Suzanne by cleaning her three storey house from top to bottom! Read more

A journey from Syria: Waseem's Story

One of our wonderful volunteers, Susan Young, was so inspired by fellow volunteer Waseem, that she asked if she could interview him about how he arrived in England from Syria and his experiences of living here and volunteering with Gateshead Carers. Read more

A Carer Wellbeing Grant has brought me happiness through my Fairy Garden

After successfully applying to the Carer Wellbeing Fund, Jane created her very own haven of peace and quiet; a Fairy Garden just for her. Read more

Feeling Isolated and Undervalued

I began caring for my Grandmother in 2016 after she was diagnosed with a minor stroke, which limited her independence. Read more

Before Covid 19 we were already in a lockdown of our own

It did eventually dawn on me that if I did not give some priority to my own health and welfare then I would become yet another patient for the NHS. Read more

Living with a Chronic Medical Condition

Living with a chronic illness can be a challenge to say the least and it is normal to feel grief and sadness especially if like me your condition did not raise its ugly head until later in life.  Coming to terms with what the future holds and how you and your family are going to cope can be a huge challenge and can definitely affect relationships. Read more

Our garden water feature has helped me relax and maintain my mental health

We contacted Gateshead Carers Association in May of this year for help and support for my husband who cares for me. With help from the carer wellbeing fund I was able to relax more... Read more

My Amazon Echo Dot is perfect for carers!

I was able to get an Amazon Echo Dot thanks to Gateshead Carers and the Wellbeing Fund. It has been my escape for relaxation! Read more

Am I invisible?

‘I often feel invisible as a carer and that no one else understands.  When I found Gateshead Carers I was listened to and being able to meet with my Support Worker and sometimes go on carer trips gave me something to really look forward to,” Fran explained. Read more

I have seen both sides of the coin!

I am passionate about the invaluable role that carers play in the support of their loved ones. I am first and foremost a mother and by the nature of that, a primary carer for my son. I took on this role following his diagnosis of Schizophrenia approximately 20 years ago. Read more

My Carer's Story (so far) by Denis O’Connor

My wife Annie was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in October 2019 at the age of 66. This followed a period of about 18 months when her mental health and behaviour in public was becoming increasingly difficult for me to manage... Read more