The Carer Wellbeing Grant exists to help improve the wellbeing of unpaid carers and is used in many different ways. Charles tells us about his growing hobby of making recycled robots and how the grant has helped him in many different ways.

Being a full time carer for his wife, who was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia, means that Charles has to make time for himself, which although not always easy, is so important for his own wellbeing and enjoyment. Inspired by a visit to a local cafe that used recycled materials he started his hobby of making recycled robots using things like baked bean tins, biscuit tins, butter tubs and chocolate boxes. In fact anything he could get his hands on!

I was very pleased to get the grant because it gave me the chance to get more stuff to make the robots better. It has helped me enormously to improve the look of the robots and I would recommend any other carers to ask about the grant for them.

I was able to buy more difficult and expensive things to get hold of like tins of spray paint which holds the colour better for the robots. I got these as well as some other things from the craft shop in Team Valley - Charles explained.

Charles now has his own man shed outside and escapes there to enjoy his hobby when he can. The robots have given Charles an outlet not just for his creativity but also as a way of connecting with other people too.  The robots vary in size from a Grandfather clock to a baked bean tin robot and Charles like to donate them to others to bring a smile to their faces.

If my robots bring a smile to children looking after their mams and dads, it means a lot to me

“I don’t know anyone else who makes the robots like me and each one I make is unique” he explained. “They are all made from recycled materials and nothing ever goes to waste!”

He is happy to share his passion for robot making with other carers and has kindly offered to share his knowledge and enthusiasm; so look out for Charles at one of our creative sessions as soon as they are able to meet up again in person!