Our focus is on empowering carers to be stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life, claiming their rights, realising their potential, achieving their goals, staying healthy mentally, physically and financially. We focus on the strengths and talents you have and how these can help you achieve your goals and the life you want.

When you first contact us, one of our Carer Wellbeing Facilitators will have a conversation with you to find out about your caring role and what matters to you.  That conversation can cover any aspect of your life which you wish to talk about.  Having supported thousands of people with a caring role in Gateshead we know about the joy and the challenges a caring role can bring.

Many carers come to us because they are feeling stressed and anxious, are losing contact with friends and family, are tired and exhausted, and are in financial difficulty, feel that their caring role is overwhelming, wish to return to or stay in employment, education or training. Many people want to know their rights or those of the person they care for. Whatever you want to discuss with us we will listen. After telling us about what matters to you we will talk to you about the range of services we offer and work with you to produce your own Wellbeing Plan. If we are not the best organisation to help you achieve any of the things you want we will connect you with an organisation that is.

Remember…  When it comes to you and your caring role, you are the expert! Our services are free to carers.

We are just a phone call way... Give us a call 0191 4900 121 and find out why over 5000 thousand carers in Gateshead come to us.