Last year Jane successfully applied to the Carer Wellbeing Fund and this grant was used to create a fairy garden in the back of her house. As a young child Jane used to go to the allotment with her Dad and her love for gardening grew from there. Jane said "I love muck and Dad used to say if there was a speck of muck, I would find it."

She spent a lot in the pound shop as she says it does not have to cost too much to create a space to be happy in. Jane says she loves to use lots of bright colours as this makes her happy and has planted everything from tulips and daffodils for the spring to lots of bright summer flowers and some autumnal flowers for when the weather changes. She can sit there in peace and quiet and it is her haven.  "I love putting lots of colours together and it gives me something nice for me. It makes me happy." she said. 
She has won some local competitions for her garden which made her feel fantastic and she said it gave her a purpose to live. She couldn't understand why when it is "only a little back yard." But if you look at the photographs, it is a little more than that.  "Doing the garden makes me feel like I have a worth. My sister made some clothes lines with little pegs for the fairies and some of the things I have created are from recycling old bottles, bags and other things I have around the house,” Jane said. 
When chatting about her fairy garden, Jane paused for a moment and then said “Sunflowers are my favourite and my grandson grew these on our kitchen window sill and they are now outside to add to the colour.  I love my little garden and there are some snowdrops coming through. I have decided whatever makes me feel happy I am going to do and it gets me through the best way I can.

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