Making a will is easier than you think!

The most important bonds in our lives are our families, friends and loved ones and leaving some money in your will to Gateshead Carers is a wonderful way to show how much you care. It provides a positive way to leave a social legacy that you will be remembered for.  

One in three people will become an unpaid carer in their lifetime. Your kindness and support will ensure that Gateshead Carers will still be here in years to come and can continue to put the wellbeing of carers in our community first.

Your gift, however small or large, will help us to be right there to ensure the wellbeing of unpaid carers who are caring for others throughout our community here in Gateshead.  It will contribute directly towards the delivery of our projects and services providing the much needed support to the 22,500 unpaid adult carers in Gateshead.  

Personal stories:

Why I’m leaving a legacy to Gateshead Carers…"Having been in a caring role for my late husband, I know just how valuable the support and services provided by Gateshead Carers is. I felt very alone and isolated and sometimes unable to function very well. My sole focus was on meeting the needs of my husband and it took a while for me to realise that I was neglecting my own health and that this was starting to impact on my ability to care. A friend suggested I called the carers and I am so grateful that she did! Immediately I had someone to listen to me and who could see that my wellbeing was very low. With their support I began to focus more on getting myself well and allowing myself time just for me. I starting to go to some carer groups, to talk about my caring role and to share stories with other carers, just like me…I was not alone anymore.   I can’t thank them enough.  So remembering them in my will brings a smile to my face and serenity in my heart.   You can rest assured, that what Gateshead Carers do with your money will be something very good."   A Carer.

"You don’t have to look very far to see kindness and generosity in our community and Gateshead Carers is right there in the thick of it.  That’s why I’m leaving some money in my will to help it go to the heart of the community…to its people and those that care". A Carer

"As a mum, I feel proud to be handing down to my children, the positive message of giving and caring for others. As a family we have discussed my will and everyone is really happy knowing that it will help so many people in the future through Gateshead Carers".  A Carer

If you would like to chat about making a will and learn how much difference it will make to Gateshead Carers, please don't hesitate to contact us 0191 4900121 or [email protected]