If you care for someone and are over 18, you have a right to request a Carer's Assessment from your local council.

Gateshead Council has commissioned Gateshead Carers to complete Carer's Assessments for all caregivers in Gateshead. This means that during your Carer's Assessment, you will speak with an experienced staff member from the Gateshead Carers team who understands how challenging caring can be and what support services might be right for you.

What is a Carer's Assessment?

A Carer's Assessment is a conversation that gives you the chance to reflect on and understand the impact caring is having on all areas of your life, how you are coping and what might help make your life easier.

By having a Carer's Assessment you might be able to access opportunities such as;

  • help with housework and gardening
  • covering the cost of taxi fares if you don't drive
  • gym membership and exercise classes
  • respite care so you can take a break from caring
  • training in caring skills, such as lifting and handling techniques
  • connecting you with local support groups and support organisations
  • financial assistance and benefits advice

The Assessment takes at least an hour and is usually face-to-face but can be done over the phone if you prefer.

The assessor will then write a care and support plan with you outlining what support you need. Once you are happy with the plan, actions will be taken by Gateshead Council to get the planned support set in place.

How do I request a Carer's Assessment?

The first step is to contact Adult Social Care Direct, this can be done online or over the phone. Please visit Gateshead Council's website for more information on contacting Adult Social Care.

Preparing for your Carer's Assessment

After requesting a Carer's Assessment, you should be sent a paper copy of the Carer's Assessment. This gives you the chance to read through the questions that will be asked and prepare yourself to answer them.

Some of the topics you will talk about include;

  • your feelings
  • your choices around caring
  • employment, education and training
  • emergency planning
  • housing
  • relationships

Request your Carer's Assessment

Carer's Assessment vs Care Needs Assessment

A Carer's Assessment may sound similar to a Care Needs Assessment but it is different. A Carer's Assessment is for the carer, and a Care Needs Assessment tends to be for the person you care for. The main focus of a Care Needs Assessment is to talk about a person's health, practical difficulties in daily living and how they would like to be supported by social care to meet these needs. Some of the services you might access by having a Care Needs Assessment include residential care, disability equipment or home adaptations, and access to day centres. 

Learn more about Care Needs Assessments on Gateshead Council's website.