Carers Week Virtual Walk

Take little steps together towards a healthier life while taking in some incredible local views. Read more

Creative Minds in Carers Week

Get creative for an hour with us as we complete an art project together in this special Carers Week session! Read more

Writers Who Care

Writers who care is a collection of short stories, poems, and songs that gives a window into the world of caring which we would like to share with you. Read more

Pledge Board

Add your pledge on how you will support carers in Gateshead! If you are a carer, you can make a pledge to yourself too! Read more

June Jamboree

Join us as we come together to celebrate Carers Week with some online activities! Read more

25,000 Steps: Your Challenge Your Way!

Set your own walk challenge and at your own pace in our 25,000 Steps Challenge! You just need to complete your steps by Sunday 13th June. Read more

Tea in your Park Fun and Fundraiser!

Have fun over a cuppa during Carers Week with your own Tea in your Park and invite a few friends/family round to your outdoor space for a cuppa and a cake and ask them to make a donation to Gateshead Carers if they enjoyed it! Read more