We would love you to share your pledge for Carers Week. It may be a pledge for your own wellbeing and to make more time for you or perhaps it is a pledge to spread the word about carers in your street. Whatever your pledge you can post it on our special Carers Week Pledge Board to share!

Add your own pledge by commenting below and it will be added shortly to the page or email us your pledge here.


I pledge to spread the word that carers matter! 

- K.B


I pledge to keep in touch with my friend who is an unpaid carer â˜ș



I pledge to make more time for me! #ICARE

- D.B


I pledge to sit down for half an hour each day with a cuppa and my kindle and enjoy some well earned "me time"

- S.Y


I pledge to continue with my volunteering with Gateshead Carers and to promote the organisation and it’s volunteering opportunities to others

- I.G