Case Study: Lynn

Lynn contacted us seeking help to guide her through the the complex needs of her veteran husband, so that she could support him through what ended up being a very difficult and long caring role. She said ‘I have never thought about me and me alone, it has always been about looking after my husband’. Read more

Case study: Kirsty

Kirsty was struggling to complete forms, was very worried about the outbreak of Covid and desperately needed a good night's sleep for both herself and her autistic son. She realised that she had been in a really dark place since lockdown and reached out to Gateshead Carers. Read more

Case Study: Phil

Phil initially contacted us as he desperately needed a fridge freezer but it soon became apparent that he was struggling as a working carer and parent of a young daughter awaiting a diagnosis and suffering ‘melt downs’. Read more

Case study: Karen

Karen came to us as a carer who was reaching ‘carer burn out’ and she was struggling as a single parent, carer of three family members and working full time. Read more

Case Study: Mark

Mark came to us as a working carer in need of support for himself and his wife Lisa who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Read more