We are working alongside the Open University to conduct research. If you are an unpaid carer in Gateshead, or if you know someone who might be one - we really want to hear from you!

Watch our video to learn more as Dan Taylor explains what to expect.

How have unpaid carers in Gateshead been impacted by changes to government spending on day-to-day services that carers might need or by the Cost of Living Crisis?

Government spending issues could be around;

  • The NHS
  • Social Care services
  • Care Packages
  • Getting a care worker to come into your home
  • Funding for day centers

Cost of Living issues could be around;

  • Increases to gas, electric, and fuel bills
  • Food shortages, and price increases

What to Expect

We would like to interview you, do a couple of discussion groups, and do a reflective exercise.

Initial Interviews - February 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th at Gateshead Carers.

Reflective Task - What is it like to be a carer? What could make life better for unpaid carers in Gateshead?

Discussion Groups 1 - March 2nd, 12pm - 4pm | March 3rd, 9am - 1pm

Discussion Groups 2 - March 29th, 12pm - 4pm | March 30th, 9am - 1pm

We understand how valuable your time is as an unpaid carer and so we can also offer to do the interviews via telephone or online video call. We can also pay for any travel expenses if you are coming to the Gateshead Carers center.

As a token of appreciation, we are able to give up to £100 in shopping vouchers for your involvement if you complete the reflective task and attend both discussion groups. 

What will this research lead to?

We want to learn from your experiences and we want to create a Carer's Charter and a video. We hope to launch these at Carers' Week 2023 in June. Carer's voices and experiences must be magnified and understood.

The Carer's Charter and video can be used to approach policymakers, politicians, and funders. In our approach, we will be able to tell them exactly how carers in Gateshead have been impacted by issues like austerity, government spending, and the Cost of Living Crisis.

For more information, please contact Dan Taylor from the Open University.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 0190 8655 299