Carers Trust have recently improved its CarerSmart service - a club for carers, people with care needs, staff and volunteers from across the Carers Trust Network. Gateshead Carers are a network partner of Carers Trust meaning if you have accessed our services, you can access Carers Trust's CarerSmart services.

By signing up and creating your free account, you can access a wide range of savings, including;

  • Cashback on shopping from numerous high street retailers.
  • Best rates from energy suppliers.
  • Reductions on insurance renewals.
  • Discount on holiday and travel arrangements.
  • Reduced price lifestyle activities.
  • Free legal advice services.

Register for the CarerSmart discount club

Some of our personal favourite discounts include*

  • 30% off Glasses, Prescription sunglasses and contact lenses when you spend £50 or more - VisionExpress.
  • 32% off Adult 2D cinema tickets - Cineworld Newcastle.
  • 10% off total purchase - Halfords.
  • Up to 10% off all products - Apple.

*as of 27.07.2022, some discounts may no longer be available.

How do I get the discounts?

Begin by registering for CarerSmart over on the Carers Trust website. Once registered, you can get a discount on a product or service by looking through the offers on the CarerSmart website; these methods may vary from here but is often short and simple. The most common way is for you to receive a discount code to use on the provider's website. Some discounts may require you to create a free account with the discount provider - for example, to get a discount on cinema tickets, you will also need to create a free account with the Cinema Society.

All instructions on how to access the discount are shown in a simple step-by-step guide on the CarerSmart webpage.

Register for the CarerSmart discount club