Gateshead Council will shortly be launching a new Carers' Assessment service which will improve the offer of support to Carers in Gateshead.

In the future Gateshead Carers will be undertaking Carers' Assessments and combining both the assessment and support that we offer to Carers into one service. The aim is to improve the quality of the assessment and support offer and encourage more Carers to come forward for a Carers' Assessment.

Until Carers Assessments are officially handed over to Gateshead Carers anyone wishing to have one should continue to contact Gateshead Council. Gateshead Carers are not carrying out Carers Assessments at the present time. We will announce the start date of this new service as soon as we can.

Gateshead Council

Gateshead Carers Assessors will work closely with Gateshead Council social work teams to ensure that the assessment of the Carer and the person they care for are coordinated. There will still be an option to have a joint assessment, but the Council believes that providing Carers with an individual assessment, focused specifically on the support they need, will enhance their experience.

Steph Downey, service director for adult social care at Gateshead Council said: "We know how much our Carers in Gateshead do in normal times, but during the last year their efforts have been nothing short of miraculous. We are delighted to be delivering this new Carers Assessment service in conjunction with Gateshead Carers, as we believe it will really strengthen our offer to our Carers and help to support them in the brilliant work that they do."

Steve Cowen, CEO of Gateshead Carers said: "As an organisation which is run by and for adult unpaid carers we are delighted that we will shortly be providing Carers' Assessments on behalf of Gateshead Council. Having supported thousands of people providing unpaid care we know and understand the impact this has on people's lives including their financial health, physical and mental health, quality of life, employment and how lonely it can be. We believe having a Carers' Assessment is good for all unpaid carers and for people who are thinking, for the first time, that they may need support a Carers' Assessment is a great place to start."