What is Gateshead's best kept secret?

At least 1 in 9 people in Gateshead give unpaid care at any one time. The contribution of unpaid carers is enormous - they save the UK economy £162 billion a year, that's equivalent to the total spending on the NHS in England per year. Yet many are at breaking point and things need to change.

Over the last 6 months, Dan Taylor at the Open University has been working with Gateshead Carers to understand the challenges facing unpaid carers in Gateshead, and how to make life better for carers.

Dan worked with 15 caregivers and Kitty McKay to produce a report and film.

The report brings together carer's voices in a powerful way.

It's called Giving Care in Gateshead: Reimagining the Landscape of Care. You can download the full Report or a shorter Executive Summary below.

Download the Full Report (.pdf)

Download the Executive Summary (.pdf)