Steve Cowen, CEO of Gateshead Carers has joined Carers UK in signing their open letter to the RT HON RISHI SUNAK MP,
CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER calling for more support for unpaid carers. Over 5,000 people added their name. You can read the letter here.

You can add your voice too to ensure that he hears our message loud and clear. We would be delighted if today you would:

Send your own Tweet or Facebook post to the Chancellor, telling him to support carers. You could copy and paste the suggested post below:

I and 5000+ others signed @CarersUK letter to @rishisunak, calling for more support for carers. Many carers have cared around the clock without support. The Government must recognise them in the Budget by introducing a £20 week supplement to Carer’s Allowance. #FairerForCarers

If posting a message via Facebook, please do so by creating a new status on your own Facebook page and then tag Rishi Sunak using @rishisunak.

Retweet our tweet directed to the Chancellor.

Carers UK have also released a video featuring Christie, one of their campaigners, on why it is so important that the Government increases support for carers.