Our Family Tree Group has been meeting regularly over the past 2 years to discover their own past and find out more about where they came from.

The group members are now equipped with new friends, skills, and opportunities to continue their own journeys. For now, we have said our goodbyes and sent our best wishes to all members of the group! We hope this part of your family tree journey has been interesting, entertaining, informative and most of all, rewarding for you.

We look forward to restarting this group project again in the future for even more caregivers to get involved!

Below is a list of local North East groups and places to visit where you will be able to receive continued support in your research. Please take a look and maybe check out other areas where your families are from to see if there are other local groups in those areas you may be able to access.

Getting Started with a Family Tree?

Check out our guide on how to start your journey >>