If you fancy getting creative, making new friends and having some fun, then come and join us!  Contact our reception for more information [email protected]

When you visit John Haswell House, you will find a wall hanging, created by the group, proudly displayed in our main carers room. The focus was on carers wellbeing and mental health using positive words and colours. It helps to make the room more inviting and at events it has been a talking point and opened up conversations.  The wall hanging took 30 hours to make from start to finish by a group of between 5 to 8 carers, Sharon is a carer who volunteer’s to run this group alongside Jo, one of our Carer Wellbeing Facilitators.

Here’s what some members of the group said:

“It helps us to create something that we normally wouldn’t do at home, it is relaxing and we enjoy chatting to each other about everyday life and enjoy listening to the radio while we stitch’.  

We all support each other as there are different abilities within the group. We are extremely proud of our efforts and hope that many people who use the carers room admire it.

“The group have just finished making ‘tote’ bags out of men’s shirts and we are starting another project in March. We will be knitting blankets to donate to Brysons Animal Shelter in Gateshead. To keep the animals warm in this cold weather. Giving back to another charity or doing something for Gateshead Carers helps us to feel better for the help that we have received”.