International construction company Lindab has selected Gateshead Carers Association to be a part of their Christmas Charity Championships. 69 charities from across the UK have been selected to take part.

The winning charity will receive a huge donation of £5000! Every charity will receive a donation which increases as they progress through the rounds.

Our Standings

Local Round (9th November 2021) | Winner: Gateshead Carers 

94% Gateshead Carers

6% Tiny Lives Newcastle

0% Gateshead Youth Council

National Rounds Final Top 24 (24th November 2021) | Winner: Thames Valley Air Ambulance

56% Thames Valley Air Ambulance: 4382 votes

36% Gateshead Carers:  2839 votes

7% Visibility Scotland: 582 votes

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to vote for us during these rounds.

Please visit Lindab's website for more details on their Christmas Charity Championships and show them some support for this exciting opportunity for charities.