Thursday 25th November 2021

Knowing your rights as an unpaid carer has always been important whether you have just begun your caring journey or have been caring for someone for a while. Carers Rights Day is a nationally recognised, annual awareness day that recognises the vital contributions unpaid carers make to society, raises awareness of carer rights, and lets unpaid carers know where to get help and support. 

With the past two years being hugely difficult for us all due to the pandemic, unpaid carers found themselves taking on even more caring roles and responsibilities. That is why it is vitally important that the nation is made aware of what rights carers have.

Some of the most important rights to know as an unpaid carer include;

  • A right to have a Carer's Assessment
  • A right to request a free flu jab
  • A right to request Carers Leave at work
  • A right to not be discriminated against or harassed as a result of their caring role and “association” with a disabled person. under the Equality Act
  • A right to access specific advice and information for carers that you can understand
  • A right to be helped to develop a carer's support plan

Carers UK have an excellent guide for understanding your rights as a unpaid carer and getting started with your caring journey. You can read it on their website.