We are delighted to hear that the Carer's Leave Bill has now received Royal Assent and shall become law. The passing of this new bill will allow employees to take a new type of formal leave in order to look after their loved ones instead of using their own annual leave - time which is used to take a personal rest and break from work. 

Looking forward, Gateshead Carers will be working on preparations to advise local businesses on best practice in supporting people with a caring role.

What is the Carer's Leave Act?

The Carer's Leave Act 2023 is a new piece of legislation that ensures that employees across Great Britain have the right to take up to five days of unpaid carer's leave from work in order to support their loved ones who cannot cope with their support - this could be because the loved one has a disability, is seriously ill, or is elderly.

It is estimated that there are over two million employees who juggle paid employment and caring responsibilities on a daily basis.

When will the Carer's Leave Act become law?

The earliest date for the Act to become law is April 2024 but this date is yet to be confirmed by the Government.