A campaign month aimed at supporting carers of all ages and levels of fitness to be more physically active 

Carers UK is running their first ever Carers Active April campaign. The campaign, running throughout April 2022, will support carers to be more active by providing a range of information and resources and activity opportunities, including an online Healthathon event. While recognising the challenges that carers face in being active, the campaign will raise awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of moving more and highlight how carers can be supported to do this. 
As part of Carers Active April, Carers UK will be running a virtual Healthathon on 30 April: a day of fun and motivational online sessions that carers and the people they care for can sign up to attend. The first 500 registered attendees will receive a free Carers Active April starter pack in the post.

How to get involved in Gateshead

We are holding our Walking Group sessions for Carers!

Take a look over at OurGateshead for lots of fun opportunities to get active near you.

If you are a caregiver and over 50, take a look at the wide range of activities offered by our friends at Gateshead Older People's Assembly!

Carers are more likely to be inactive 

(46% of carers compared with 33% of all adults)

How to get involved nationally 

Sign up to the Carers Active mailing list to receive updates about Carers Active April and the Healthathon. Whether you’re a carer and or a carers organisation, you can also visit the Carers Active Hub to find out more and discover a range of useful resources such as: 
• Recordings of Carers UK’s online physical activity sessions, including Latin dance and yoga
• Inspiration for carers and tips for getting started, plus activity ideas and resources to help carers find something they enjoy 
• Carers’ stories of getting active while caring 
• Expert advice and insight from health and social care professionals 
Look out for more details from us about this campaign in the coming weeks. 
The Carers Active Facebook group is also open to any carers to join. It’s a welcoming forum where carers can support one another, share their experiences and find out how others are benefitting from regular movement alongside their caring role. Join the Facebook group here.

Three quarters (76%) of carers aged over 55 do not feel that they are able to do as much physical exercise as they'd like to do

The benefits of being active

  • 73% of carers said that being physically active makes them feel good about themselves.
  • 67% of carers said doing a range of physical activities helped them to feel more connected to other people.
  • 58% of carers said being active helped them to learn more about the importance of looking after their health.

All statistics are from Carers UK's 'Carers and Physical Activity' report or from our Carers and Physical Activity pilot study.