We love it when carers tell us about their creativity and share with us their passion and talents!  Sharon, who attends our Creative Minds with Hands sessions each week, revealed to us some of her beautiful craft works that she has been creating and enjoying over lockdown!!

Here are a couple of blankets I made at the beginning of lockdown, said Sharon.

How fabulous are these! A lucky wee one will be benefiting from the bunny blanket!

Christmas may seem some way off but creative crafters have been busy preparing for months now and Sharon has made these wonderful nativity scenes complete with the three wise men and baby Jesus.

We were delighted to hear that Sharon has also made a blanket for herself which is very well deserved and looks like it will keep her cosy this winter too!

Why not join Sharon and other carers and come along to our next creative session and find out for yourself the benefits that getting creative can make to your wellbeing.  We meet on Tuesday’s at 10 am for an hour as we complete one of the many art projects found in the Gateshead 10x10 Creative Project pack.  Each session, Emma, the group leader, will run through one of the art projects with the group and discuss how you want to complete the project. You will have some time to get started on your project in the session and can spend as much time as you want on it. 

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