Community Connectors

We are looking for people who can find out what is going on in communities and neighbourhoods through chatting with the people. Community Connectors find activities and groups that carers could attend to help reduce social isolation and improve the quality of life for unpaid carers living locally. These activities could include, book clubs, knitting groups, sewing groups, or dog walking groups which carers might be able to join.

Community Connectors also spread the word about Gateshead Carers Association and the services we offer to the local people. You could be anywhere chatting with the community so there are no formal or specific places to be letting the local people know of Gateshead Carers Association.

Being a Community Connector is not about giving up a fixed 2 hours of your time to volunteer for us. It’s about you going about your normal day and using any conversations you have to mention us or find out about any local groups and activities which may be of interest to carers.

A Community Connector is required:

  • To maintain regular contact with the Volunteer Coordinator and let us know where you had conversations as well as anything you have learned about activities and groups, and any issues or concerns you may have. (training provided)
  • To adhere to Gateshead Carers policies and procedures appropriate to the role. (training provided)
  • To attend any other relevant training arranged by Gateshead Carers.

For a full description of the Volunteer Community Connector role, click here.

Virtual Carer Café Facilitators

Our Virtual Carer Cafes are where groups of unpaid carers can meet over zoom and WhatsApp to chat, make new friends, and receive information about how they can access help and support.

At Gateshead Carers we aim to ensure that all communities in Gateshead, regardless of ethnicity, faith, culture, religion, ability, or background, have access to our services.

Volunteers can help us to do this by facilitating one of our Virtual Carer Cafés reaching out to carers in their local area as part of a network of volunteers providing groups of carers across Gateshead with information in an accessible format and friendly environment.

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