There's a vast number of apps, websites and online support for mental health and wellbeing. They include mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, soothing music and images; all with the aim of helping you to boost your wellbeing.  But it can be difficult to know where to start and which ones to try, but now is the perfect time to see what works for you.

Here’s a guide on where to start:

Happify This is designed to do what it says - to "happify" you. Described as a good mood training programme, it uses scientifically supported games and activities to help you replace worry and negativity with empathy and thankfulness. Positivity is a powerful tool to support your mental health. Cost:  FREE

Breathe2Relax This app helps you to stop and focus on your breathing. As odd as this may sound, diaphragmatic breathing works by decreasing the body’s ‘fight-or-flight’ stress response. Its a great way of overcoming stress and anxiety and helps those suffering PTSD. COST:  FREE

Headspace The most famous wellbeing app helps to make meditation and mindfulness simple. It only takes a few minutes each day for the app to guide you through a huge range of meditation techniques for issues such as stress and anxiety, inability to focus or to sleep. It even reminds you each day to make the time to unwind. COST: 2 week Free Trial, then subscription of £9.99 per month. FREE for unemployed

Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) If meditation isn’t for you, SAM might be the answer. Users track feelings of anxiety and create their own tailored toolkit of self-help techniques to suit their needs.There is even an option to connect with others confidentially for extra support. COST:  FREE

Calm This is like The Little Book of Calm in an app and has everything from soothing images and music to advice on better sleeping. It provides those experiencing stress and anxiety with guided mediations, sleep stories and breathing programs. COST: 7-Day Free trial then a monthly subscription of £7.99 or £29.99 for the year. There are also lots of free resources including their Mindful Living Calendars
Possible Self This empowerment app features in the NHS gallery of recognised wellbeing resources because it has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps you to "reframe" your current situation and the future in a positive light, it reminds you how far you've come and has goal-based learning modules to help you achieve what you want to - whether that's managing stress to finding solutions to current problems. COST: FREE to sign up to their daily mood tracker and building happiness & wellbeing self-help module. It is also FREE to access their full programme during the Covid-19 pandemic.