To celebrate this years volunteers week on 1st - 7th June we launched our new volunteer Facebook page to share volunteers stories and updates about our volunteering opportunities. We shared a thank you video and photos to show our appreciation from all the staff at Gateshead Carers and sent thank you cards to each volunteer with a personal message. Despite the current restrictions our volunteers enjoyed being able to still get involved with activities and meet up by taking part in a drop-in Zoom session and chatting through our volunteers WhatsApp group.

What our volunteers say:

"We volunteers flourish as part of a team and Claire’s approach of forming a team, via meetings and get togethers is integral to the volunteer community at GCA. That is what our volunteer group has become, a community in it’s self.”

“Thanks so much for the was such a nice surprise”

"I have volunteered with other charities in the past but find that Gateshead Carers are so much better at providing help and support to their volunteers". 

"Recently Claire set up a Whatsapp Group for the volunteers which has been amazing.  We can chat about our volunteering roles but 99% of the time we talk about our hobbies and pastimes and of course this fantastic weather!  I feel as if I have known all of the other volunteers for a very long time which shows how good the communication is between us all, this is all thanks to Claire."

"Claire Parker the Volunteer Co-ordinator is always there if you should need any kind of help and if she cannot provide an answer immediately she will always get back in touch which is fantastic".

Why not join us as a volunteer today! Contact Claire Parker, Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] or sign up via our website.