URetreat Reopens

URetreat provides day and overnight retreats for people who want to relax and have time for themselves; specialising in retreats for carers and people who have been bereaved. It is set in beautiful and tranquil grounds situated in the Tyne Valley. To book a day at URetreat simply visit their website and choose an upcoming date and activities that appeal to you.

Stuart Cox recently attended a Carers Retreat and shares his experience with us: 

A pleasant drive for 30 minutes brought me to Shepherds Dene country house, the location for a day retreat for unpaid carers. Some of us might think of a retreat as a spiritual event but this is not religious. It is a day away from your normal routine when you can be distracted and relax in beautiful surroundings.

On arrival I received a warm, friendly welcome and was soon enjoying the company of some lovely people. Retreats include a wide selection of activities tailored to suit the needs of individual groups. They can be arts, outdoor woodmanship, yoga, reflexology, massage and so on. If some activities sound too challenging there is no need to fear. In my recent pilates class we performed most of the activities seated in our chairs. No need to fear over expectations of our agility or capabilities.

I had attended this type of retreat previously and enjoyed the experience but, like many businesses, URetreat was obliged to close when the Covid lockdown arrived. This particular day arose from an invitation to attend a pilot day to test procedures and re-launch the programme.  Shepherds Dene has been assessed and organised to provide sanitiser and a clear, simple system to satisfy Social Distancing requirements. This applies throughout the building including the catering arrangements.

The day was considered a success and URetreat will be offering days in the near future. Check their website for details and enjoy a day away from your normal routine. Find out more at www.Uretreat.co.uk