Hi All, I hope you are all doing okay; can you believe we are already halfway through February!

Everyone around me keeps mentioning how quickly time is going by and a number of them are feeling a little down about this. Well, following on from my last blog I am still trying to stay positive and trying to live for the moment as much as possible, as sometimes time does disappear and you wonder what you have or haven’t done.

I know that most of my time recently has been spent attending hospital and doctors' appointments for both myself and for some family members. I sometimes feel that it is me who is partly responsible for the NHS running ragged with the number of phone calls I have been making daily to health professionals! 

Anyway, getting back onto the subject of positivity, what I am trying to do is schedule in time for myself even if it means I have to physically make entries in my diary. 

One thing which I am conscious of is, if I am making medical appointments for others that aren’t urgent or life-threatening then I am making them around my own personal appointments. This is something which I have never done in the past as I would have normally accepted the appointment time I was offered and then had to put my apologies in for any appointments I had in my own calendar. This has also helped me so much with scheduling in some “me time” which is brilliant plus I am not feeling guilty for doing this. 

Speaking of "me time", I have had quite a busy few weeks since Christmas. Firstly, I have been busy with my Writing Group working on the play which hopefully will be produced sometime later this year. I am quite excited about this especially as later this month our Group have been invited along to meet with the actors and the producer to give our thoughts and ideas on the content of the play. We found out today that one of our Group who has a talent for songwriting has been asked to produce a couple of songs for the play which we are all buzzing about. This particular lady is an unpaid carer, the same as the rest of us, but also has a lot to contend with regarding her own health and seeing her looking so happy is marvellous!

I have also been out litter picking recently which is quite rewarding until another storm wreaks havoc and we have to start all over again! Litter picking feels a bit like housework... never-ending but it does get me out of the house and away from the housework haha! Mind I do have to say that I have noticed recently some areas near where I live are starting to look so much better so I think more people are picking up after themselves which is good and dare I say POSITIVE!

Another thing which I have done is join some friends in a weekly quiz at our local golf club. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive going the first time as it was my first night out since November 2019 but once I was sitting down I felt fine. For any of you who are classed as vulnerable like myself and are still a little nervous about socialising do try if you can to make some small steps to getting out as I mentioned earlier time goes by so quickly and you do have to enjoy every moment.

Well I had better go as I need to get ready for my next doctor's appointment, it’s getting to the stage now where I ring doctors surgeries and I just have to say hello and the receptionists recognize my voice and say “Hi Susie how are things going?”. I think it is lovely but my daughters think it is worrying that I am on first name terms with all these people haha!

Take care of yourselves and make sure you are doing something for yourself as well as carrying out your caring roles.
Best wishes and speak soon,
Susie x