I used to think that the only people who wore pedometers were keep fit fanatics so when my Physio suggested that I buy one to count my steps and check my heart rate, I thought the man was mad! Especially when I can get a sweat on just by getting out of bed in the morning! However, I took his advice and ordered myself a pedometer from Amazon.

At first I thought it would be really difficult to accomplish anything, especially through having poor mobility, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly steps can mount up even when you are indoors just carrying out your usual routine. 

Of course, I knew that I needed to do more than move around my bungalow so decided to wear it whilst out walking in my street. The first time I went outside wearing it I felt quite excited, that was until a jogger whizzed past me when I had only managed 67 steps and already felt like I had run a marathon! However, I carried on and by the time I had reached my front door I had managed 254 steps. I don’t know why but seeing three figures seemed so much more impressive and by the time I sat down in my armchair I was smiling like a Cheshire cat.  Of course my youngest daughter who is an absolute fitness fanatic had to say that 254 steps was nothing but I didn’t let her faze me and after a long swig of water and a two hour rest I got up again and stood at my dining table holding onto a dining chair and promptly started marching on the spot for 3 minutes. I say marching, I can’t lift my legs very high but in my world just lifting my feet off the floor is an accomplishment even if it might only be a couple of inches ha ha!

In fact, by the end of my first week I had gone from 254 steps per day up to 2,564 which I was really proud of! I am now trying to set new targets on a weekly basis even if it is only 500 extra steps per week, however I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t achieve this every time as I am still getting some exercise. 

Buying the pedometer has been one of the best purchases I have ever made as it definitely makes me want to move more as I often used to sit down with a cuppa and watch mindless daytime TV, especially when my mindset was “I’m disabled so I can’t do the things I used to do!”

I may not be setting huge targets but my thinking is ‘at least I am giving it a try’. You never know if I continue in the right direction my youngest daughter may allow me to join her in next year’s Great North Run, that is if she is willing to push me in my wheelchair!

Also buying a pedometer has made me realise that you should never think something is impossible to achieve until you have at least given it a try.

I know it has definitely increased my confidence and has made me believe in myself more.

So who knows what my next adventure may be... travelling around the world in 80 days? Or maybe that is taking positive thinking a little bit too far!