Move over David Bailey....Lynda's here! 

Lynda Bailey cares long distance for her mother who lives in Gateshead and has recently been using her creative talents to enter a photography competition.

And guess what?  She only went and won a trophy!!! 

Lynda explained "My camera club belongs to The Federation of South London Photographic Societies (SLF) which runs annual inter-club competitions for 16 local camera clubs. With COVID/Coronavirus the Finals Day competitions were judged 'offline' instead of at an all singing all dancing annual Finals Day. I recently found out that my two entries both reached the final of the Open Projected Image Competition and one of them actually won the trophy - Jacks Jug!" 

"Image 1 was taken outside of my office last summer when Extinction Rebellion staged a series of sit-ins just outside of our doors", explained Lynda. 

"My other Finals image 2 entitled 'Christmas in Westminster' uses a technique called Intentional Camera Movement where you do as it says on the tin to create a totally different effect from your photo.  It's a picture of the parish church St Margaret's and the Christmas Tree  both of which stand next to Westminster Abbey" she added.

Congratulations to Lynda and thank you for sharing both your creativity and good news!