My husband has always been the gardener in our family and up until March 2020 when the Covid 19 Pandemic hit my only contribution was occasionally watering flowerbeds and picking out “pretty plants and flowers” at garden centres.

However, like many other people during Lockdown I have now become much more interested in gardening.  In fact over the past year I have painted 4 wooden planters and regularly water and hoe both the front and back borders when I am physically able to do so.

This weekend I became even more adventurous and was dead heading daffodils and planting some kale seeds as my husband is really into kale at the moment. Although saying that, sitting at a garden table putting compost and sprinkling some seeds into pots isn’t really rocket science but for me it is a major breakthrough ha ha!

I have even suggested to my husband that next year we have some raised beds made and installed in our back garden so I can access them better as I would like to try my hand at growing some vegetables.  I have even mentioned creating a herb garden this year which my husband is also keen on doing.

I’ve also discovered there is such a thing as soil conditioner which was news to me as the only conditioners I had ever heard of were hair and fabric ones!  I think my daughters are both correct when they often say “Mother, where have you been?” although I won’t tell them this as Mothers are supposed to be the ones who are always correct!

I would definitely encourage anyone to start gardening as it is such a relaxing hobby and is also a great way of getting out into the fresh air, plus the best bit is seeing all of your hard work transforming before your very eyes which is so satisfying. Also the health benefits are brilliant as it can be a good form of exercise (that is if you are able to do manual work such as digging) and is also excellent for your mental health as it definitely lifts your mood.

Even if you haven’t got a garden you can always plant seeds in a pot for your kitchen or living room window sill.

Friday evenings have also become much more exciting in our household as I now get myself settled into my armchair for 9.00 p.m. ready to watch Gardeners World on BBC2 I mean how rock and roll is that!!

I may not have Charlie Dimmock’s red hair but my fingers are definitely becoming greener!  You never know, this time next year good old Monty may have some competition on his hands!