We would love to know what you have been doing during lockdown to help others in your neighbourhood and what others may have done for you to make your day that little bit better. Perhaps you are exchanging things and it is making life easier. Maybe it's about swapping food or doing each others’ gardens or shopping or washing cars! 

Perhaps you love baking like Pam?

In addition to her caring role, Pam says she bakes for anyone including her local take away! She has baked them a cake and they gave her pizzas in return.

Pam explained “Baking gives me so much joy and I have been inspired to continue baking.”  

Take a look at her French apple tart with vanilla creme patisserie and cinnamon apples with an apricot glaze!

I am very proud of how my daughter’s birthday cake turned out, it's a Terry's chocolate orange cake. It seems like the more stressed I get the better my cakes are!” said Pam.  

 “I've also just baked an eggless chocolate beetroot cake for a colleague who's allergic to eggs. She was a great support on my first shift back so it was a thank you” explained Pam. 

Pam is baking to help reduce her stress levels and to make others smile. She is a key worker, a carer for her Mam and she also has health difficulties.  She does not think she does anything special, but we think she is remarkable. She lives to make others smile and bakes amazing cakes. Well done Pam and we can’t wait for the opportunity to sample some of these!

Please share with us what is helping to make your day that little bit easier during lockdown. Get in touch and let us know at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.