Caring for my elderly parents through Covid 

I was an unpaid carer for my Mam who was disabled but she died on the 9th of March, leaving Dad so vulnerable, so I care for him now.  I have 3 brothers who all live away. Mam had foot deformities and had 1 amputated 4 yrs ago. Dad has always had heart complications so is very unfit too. Mam died aged 83 on the 9th of March, Dad is 85 and very unstable on his feet. I’ve got him on a care call system now and have made his home a lot safer now with all wheelchairs and appliances removed.

I feel Covid robbed me of the last weeks with Mam as I was protecting them by dropping shopping at doors etc, swapping washing bags at the door, but never went in to clean up. Now I go every day for 2/3 hrs to make sure dad is ok and I potter around with him and make sure he takes all his meds. I’m currently trying to sort out insurance policies etc as Dad isn’t capable. I have 2 granddaughters who I see social distancing but until this Covid goes away I can’t get family involved. I am 61 and left work 3 yrs ago to support them. I was really ill myself between the end of Nov till the end of Feb with strange symptoms that had docs baffled and I would like the Covid test to see if I had it then and am now immune. 

Janice Finnie, Carer