Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. It has been a little while since my last blog, but life has been a little full-on recently. Of course, catching Covid didn't help; I am so pleased that I had all of my injections as I was poorly for almost 2 weeks. I am still feeling a little tired, but thankfully, I feel much better than I was.
Now that Spring has sprung, tiredness or no tiredness, I am raring to go. Talking about Spring, what on earth is happening with our weather? One minute I see people out and about in shorts and t-shirts, then a few days later, hats, scarves and gloves. In fact today it must be very cold as even our Postman has ditched his shorts for a pair of trousers which is unheard of!! Roll on the warmer weather as it is always lovely to get out into the fresh air and see the flowers in bloom. Although saying that even with this inclement weather, there is still a lot of colour around.  
I hope that once I am feeling back to my usual self, I can return to litter picking and carrying out work in my capacity as a Community Connector for Gateshead Carers. I haven't been able to do as much voluntary work as I would have liked recently due to family commitments; however, hopefully, I will be much more active this month.
One thing which I have started doing recently is helping out at a Quiz Night at my local Golf Club. One minute I am joining the quiz with a group of friends, and then the next minute, I am on the microphone as Quiz Master. (Of course, you know me, I am in my element being in the spotlight, especially when I can let my jaws go twenty to the dozen!)  
Actually, when I was approached to do a quiz, I was a little taken aback as I hadn't created one for a number of years. Still, once I got started, I really enjoyed myself. It can be time-consuming finding questions, anagrams, picture quizzes etc. Still, at the same time, I do find it very enjoyable. I always laugh when I take on the role of Quiz Master as people always comment on how intelligent and knowledgeable I am, whereas the truth of the matter is I am just a bored, frustrated housewife who enjoys googling, haha!  
I have been asked to host the Quiz on Easter Sunday, so I have made sure that the whole quiz has an Easter theme which wasn't easy with some of the rounds, especially sports, but I did finally manage. To be honest, my main concern about the Easter one is that one of my friends has suggested that we dress up in some sort of Easter headgear and that she will sort me something out. She has mentioned getting rabbit ears for our team, but as I am sitting on my own hosting, she has said she will do something special for me. I have a feeling that it may be an Easter bonnet, but as she is such a keen gardener, I have visions of my head being covered in all sorts of flowers and foliage and being sprayed with either water or weed killer every five minutes, which could make the evening very interesting, to say the least!!!
As for Easter being just around the corner, I totally forgot about it! I think that when you are so busy with a caring role, time just seems to fly by. Anyway, I am off out now to purchase some Easter eggs for the family. The only child in the family is my granddaughter. However, I still like to buy for my daughters and their partners, and of course, I always manage to slip a sneaky crème egg into my trolley for me too!
Well, that is it for now. I hope that the Easter Bunny is kind to you all and that you all have a lovely, relaxing Easter weekend.
Take care of yourselves and speak soon.
Susie xx