Mandy's favourite walk starts from ... Sunniside Lane in Cleadon at the nature reserve where Cleadon Windmill is, I walk across the public path on Whitburn Golf course (mindful of the direction of golf balls!) following the yellow markers for walkers; cross over the golf course onto another nature reserve heading towards Marsden. The walk has the highest points in South Tyneside I think, and I can see the sea as soon as I climb up to the Windmill towards Whitburn, and in the other direction there are views to Penshaw Monument. Walking towards Marsden you can see the coastline across to South Shields beach and the view towards North Shields Priory. 
I usually walk in a circular route by dropping down into Marsden nature reserve and walking back in a circle towards the golf course. It's a nice leisurely half hour each way but there are elevations to climb and it is quite an up and down walk. The reason I love it is because there are great views in all directions, there are very open spaces and traffic free. The Exmoor ponies are a recent addition to keep the nature reserve in good condition and they don't mind the walkers tramping past. The actual circular loop takes about an hour and there are seats along the way, all free with a packed lunch, but sometimes when I get to Marsden we continue a bit further crossing Lizard Lane onto the coast road and go down onto Marsden beach and/or have lunch at the Marsden Grotto (this is a stunning beach), or if you were feeling fit continue on to Souter Lighthouse and tea room. At the Cleadon side of the walk there are 2 pubs and 2 cafes if you walk down Sunniside Lane into the actual village. This is my favourite walk and it never fails to cheer me up even on a bad weather day

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