Well I have finally done it! I’ve been shopping in a supermarket and it isn’t even 1st August 2020 yet!

Actually I have to admit that I did feel a little apprehensive about venturing further than my street and especially mixing with other people. The reason I chose to go with my Mam and Husband now was because I had the 1st August 2020 on my mind and was becoming a little nervous as I was picturing all of these shielded people packing out the shops and there being no way of staying 2 metres apart.

We went to Tesco’s in Gateshead but chose to go on a Thursday evening when it was so much quieter. I wore a mask, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be that was until I put on my glasses to read a label on a jar and couldn’t see a thing as I was all steamed up!

There are so many things which we take for granted; I didn’t realise how much of a thrill it would be to walk down an aisle and pick up a tin of baked beans. In fact, if I hadn’t had problems with my mobility I would have happily skipped the whole way around the store! I did consider trying to get all of the customers and staff to do a Mexican Wave but my Mam and Husband stopped me just as I was about to speak to a very nice gentleman who was directing customers to available checkouts. I think all of the excitement of my short expedition must have gone straight to my head for me to even consider this ha ha!

I must admit doing online shopping is still much easier for me especially when the regular delivery men know about my muscle wasting and if I am home alone will happily bring my parcels indoors as long as I step well away from the front door. I definitely need to get out more as I always think of the announcements on the Metro System “Stand clear of the doors please!” I did say these words once to one delivery man whilst holding my nose but unfortunately I didn’t even get a smile from him. I have been told numerous times by family members that my sense of humour is not everyone’s taste but I never learn!

Well my next trip out is going to the Card Factory at the Retail World on the Team Valley. It is one of my favourite shops so I can’t wait. I may even treat myself to a Costa latte afterwards, that is if I can manage to walk past Bell’s Fish and Chip Shop without treating myself to a large cod and chips.

So, until the next time, enjoy your shopping experiences everyone wherever they may be!