“Christmas is coming and Susie’s getting fat

Please put a diet sheet in her old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a diet sheet, a gastric band will do

If you haven’t got a gastric band then God bless you!”

Actually the above is a bit of a lie, as I have been getting fat for the past 20+ years!  I have always put it down to comfort eating as a result of my caring role, however, I have got to admit that “I’m just a girl who can’t say no!”  Ooops sorry, here I go again with songs from my favourite musicals!

As for Christmas coming I always start buying non-perishable food around late October/early November.  This year I started my shopping in early October and asked my husband if he would put all of the non-perishable items in the top of the wardrobe in the spare bedroom so I couldn’t get my hands on them! 

Unfortunately due to Lockdown we have both been sitting watching TV on Friday and Saturday evenings enjoying either tubes of Pringles, Sensations, salted peanuts or Doritos.  As a result I have bought these items 3 times over!  I blame Boris as being holed up does make you eat more! Well at least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Talking about Christmas, lots of people are talking about it not being the same this year. Well I have decided that we are putting the tree and decorations up as usual at the beginning of December and that we have the usual goodies in the cupboards and freezer.  I’ve even bought a Christmas T-shirt which I am going to wear as much as possible during December alternating with my Christmas Jumper. Some people may think I am crackers but I honestly believe if something makes you happy and it isn’t harming anyone then go for it!!!

Our Christmas this year was always going to be different as my eldest daughter and son-in-law are not coming to our home on Christmas Day as our grand-daughter will be 15 months old by then and they would like to make their own family traditions which is understandable.  My youngest daughter still lives with us however she doesn’t eat turkey so is having chicken instead which is going to make things a little difficult as my husband still wants to buy a 10 pound turkey!  I can see us still eating turkey sandwiches at Easter!!

My husband always makes the Christmas Dinner and loves to prepare the turkey on Christmas Eve.  He is quite a connoisseur in the kitchen or at least he thinks he is and when it comes to preparing the turkey has always got his arm halfway down the turkey’s neck stuffing it with sausagemeat, onions, herbs and lemon.  When my eldest daughter was about 7 years old she came into the living room and asked me why her Dad had his hand stuck up the turkey’s bottom. I had to explain to her that it was the turkey’s neck and not it’s bottom which was quite funny at the time.  She is 29 now and we still reminisce about this every Christmas much to her horror!

Well getting back to the Christmas festivities, my plan is to get up on Christmas morning, open my Christmas presents, phone all of the family which should take up most of the morning, eat a humungous Christmas Dinner then ‘veg’ out in front of the TV eating all kinds of fattening goodies and then finish off the evening guzzling down a bottle of Gaviscon!!!!

On a more serious note I know that Christmas will be difficult this year for a lot of people. We have lost two family members during this Pandemic and it was extremely upsetting not being able to attend their funerals.  If you are in a similar situation I just want you to know that you are not alone. 

I hope that you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and that 2021 is a much better year for everyone.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Love and Best Wishes

Susie x