Hi All, by the time you read this blog, I would hope that you are all ready for the Big Man in the red suit landing.

This year Christmas Day will be a quiet one for us which to be honest, I am quite looking forward to. Apart from driving my Aunt to and from my Mam and Dad’s, it should be quite a quiet day. However, Boxing Day will be much livelier, especially as I am looking after my granddaughter whilst the rest of the family are at a football match at the Stadium of Light. Luckily this year it is an early kick-off so once they return we are going to have another “Christmas Day” at my eldest daughter's home.

Talking about babysitting I cannot wait as I will be able to play with all of Charlotte’s new toys and games. This year we have bought her a doctor's outfit as she is obsessed with the emergency services, especially paramedics driving ambulances. I just hope she realises what she is taking on when she examines me with all of my physical ailments ha ha!

Talking about Charlotte she is growing up so quickly, she is only 3 years old but already talks like a teenager which is pretty scary! Last week she went on the Polar Express to see Santa Claus in North Yorkshire. During the journey, she saw a pheasant outside and was really excited about this however the “Ticket Inspector” told her that it wasn’t a pheasant but a Christmas bird to which Charlotte was very quick in correcting him. I honestly do not know where she gets her confidence from and as for her knowledge of birds she definitely has not got that from me as when I was her age the only birds which I knew were Tweety Bird and the Thunderbirds!

Anyway, getting back to the main purpose of this blog. I just wanted to thank you all for reading my blogs. I feel very fortunate that I am able to do this as it does help me to “escape” from shall we say “some of life’s challenges”. I haven’t written much this year but I do hope to improve on this next year.

So finally I would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and that the year ahead brings all that you are wishing for and the best of everything.

Love Susie x