If you know someone who is caring for someone, a small gift can go a long way to making their days better. Here are some gift ideas for when you want to show your appreciation for the carers in your life.

Bubble Bath

We all enjoy a nice warm soak in the bath after a long day. Being a carer can be especially challenging both physically and mentally. There is a wide range of scents and colours out there to choose from. It is worth also finding muscle-relaxing bubble baths for carers to help them wind down after a full-on day.

One of our team highly recommends Neal's Yard Arnica & Seaweed Bath Bubbles - "it can be pricey but SO worth it". 

Acupressure Mat

If you have a physically intensive caring role, it is important to look after your body and break down any aches and pains. An acupressure mat can help you do just that by promoting blood flow to an area of the body and releasing the tension built up. 

Weighted Blanket

Carers can find it difficult to sleep at night due to the high level of stress and anxiety that can come from a caring role. A weighted blanket may help calm the heart rate and breathing to give a better quality of sleep by giving the sensation of being held or hugged. 

Jar of Joy

Making a Jar of Joy is simple and can make someone's day brighter. Find a nice looking jar and add some inspirational and affirmational quotes into it. Once per day, you can pull out a quote and start your day with a smile. It doesn't cost very much to make and can be personalised. The little things can make the biggest difference.

Adult Colouring Books

When it's time to switch off from the busy day, an adult colouring book can help with that transition from non-stop busy to chillout time. These can also be used as a coping device if you're feeling stressed out. 

One of our team recommends checking out Johanna Basford's collection of books.

If you have any more suggestions for gifts, be sure to leave them in the comments below for next year's Gift Guide.