We are aware of the current crisis with energy costs and caregivers are particularly impacted by the huge rise in tariffs for gas and electricity- keeping on top of laundry, cleaning the home or making sure a loved-one is warm and comfortable doesn’t stop, no matter what happens to bills. This is understandably a major worry for people and there aren’t any easy solutions, as the government struggles to fix the problem we are all now facing.

However, it is always worth accessing reliable sources of advice and information to help- we really are all ‘in the same boat’ at the moment but keeping up to date with the latest schemes and advice is more important than ever as the situation is constantly evolving due to international as well as national events.

Gateshead Carers cannot offer tailored advice to each person due to how complex this topic is but here are some general tips it is worth thinking about and some reliable online resources for advice and further support to help deal with this subject.

  1. Consider registering as a ‘vulnerable’ or ‘priority customer’ – all utility companies will have a scheme to register customers who live with health conditions or are vulnerable due to age, infirmity, or particular circumstances. The only way to do this is to contact your energy provider directly- their website will have information and how to register or if you are able to speak to someone. This doesn’t mean you will receive any discount on your tariffs automatically but it is a gateway to support from them- for example, ensuring you receive information in an accessible format and are given priority if there is a power cut to ensure your wellbeing (or the person you care for).
  2. If you are worried about paying your bills it is vital you discuss this with your energy supplier.
  3. Seek advice from trusted resources for information about discounts, your rights, latest updates and advice about tariffs- links below- these detail the extra help available and how it is being paid out how much and when.


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