A Christmas Day story

Having Christmas Day to myself? No chance.... Read more

Memory Lane

Join us for a wander down memory lane when 10 pence could buy you a paper bag filled with a mix up of sweets and your nanna drank her tea with tea leaves left in the bottom of the cup! Read more

At the time I didn't recognise myself as a carer

Follow Susan, a carer who has accessed support from us on her journey of understanding who she was to herself, her friends, and her family. Read more

URetreat Reopens

Uretreat provides day and overnight retreats for people who want to relax and have time for themselves; specialising in retreats for carers and people who have been bereaved. Read more

How to use Zoom

Learn how to join our online groups and activities via Zoom in this quick step by step tutorial. Read more

Wellbeing? There's an app for that!

There's a vast number of apps, websites and online support for mental health and wellbeing but it can be difficult to know where to start and which ones to try, but now is the perfect time to see what works for you. Here's a guide to where to start. Read more

Susie's World

Come and read the down-to-earth stories of Susie, a carer who loves to share experiences and support others, all while having some fun! Read more

Introducing the Recipe Box

Take a look at our ever-growing list of delicious healthy recipes. Share your own recipes with us in the comments! Read more

My ‘Major Support System’ and ‘Full on Rocks’ my mum and Gateshead Carers

Caring from a very young age to becoming a young adult carer, this carer’s journey is so inspirational and takes us through the heartache of illness, loss and a series of set-backs to success and happiness! Read more

We volunteers flourish as part of a team

Despite the current restrictions our volunteers enjoyed being able to still get involved with activities and meet up by taking part in a drop-in Zoom session and chatting through our volunteers WhatsApp group. Read more

Move over David Bailey....Lynda's here!

Lynda Bailey cares long distance for her mother who lives in Gateshead and has recently been using her creative talents to enter a photography competition. Read more