Volunteering has helped me feel useful again

Susan became a volunteer at Gateshead Carers after receiving support from us around her caring role. Read more

Wellbeing Tips

Join members of our team as they share regular Top Tips on Wellbeing including practical things for you to try today. We hope you find them both helpful and enjoyable to watch. Our team are always here to chat things through with you, to listen and to learn. If you have any Top Tips or ideas that you would like to share with us, please just get in touch. You can post your comment below, email us or join our Live Chat. Read more

It helped me out of a tight spot

Our Carers COVID-19 Emergency Fund is helping carers who find themselves in a tight spot. Read more

I am transported into a paradise when I’m painting: Art is so therapeutic

Despite the regular pain she endures through arthritis in her spine, Gayle pursues her love of painting with a passion and her enthusiasm is infectious! Read more

I never thought my volunteering would lead me to learn Arabic!

I began volunteering for Gateshead Carers in September 2018 working on the main Reception desk.  At that time there were only a small number of volunteers however last year a Volunteering Programme was set up headed by Claire Parker who is the Volunteer Co-ordinator.  As a result of this programme being set up more volunteers were recruited. I have met quite a few of them over the past few months but one volunteer who has inspired me greatly is a gentleman called Waseem... Read more