Keeping calm and well: tips for you and those you care for

These tips are designed to help both you and those you care for look after yourselves and protect your mental wellbeing. Finding a programme, routine or structure to follow can be a good way to keep your emotions in check. Read more

Discover the World of Podcasts

If you are fed up of TV and can't focus on reading as you would like to, then why not try the world of podcasting as a nice alternative which stimulates the mind and helps you relax too. Read more

Reconnect through Mindfulness by Heather Oakman

Retired Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) as well as a Carer for many years, Heather Oakman, shares with us an insight into Mindfulness and how this practice can help us to reconnect with the world and ourselves. Read more

Discussing Loneliness

Paul discusses loneliness and ways to feel less lonely. Read more

Managing Worries

Worried about worrying? Our CEO, Steve Cowen, has a fantastic tip on how to manage your thoughts. Read more

Stress and Anxiety coping methods

During lockdown we can get a bit stressed and anxious, Emma shares one method of relaxing you can try at home! Read more

Our services during COVID-19

Janice discusses how COVID-19 affects an unpaid carer and what we're doing to support them through our CALM wellbeing programme. Read more

Emotions of an unpaid carer

Andrea shares a poem about the emotions of unpaid carers, from day to day. Does this resonate with you? Read more

Activities to do at home

Andrea discusses activities you could do at home to keep yourself well, both mentally and physically. Have a listen and let us know which ones you find the most helpful. Read more