Life Spent in Lockdown

"How do I survive lockdown?" In this blog I share what lockdown life has been like for me and what I have been doing to keep busy and have some fun! Read more

First time out shopping since shielding!

We all need to get out of our homes when we can. Susie talks about her first experiences with going shopping for the first time in months! Read more

Making a bucket list

It's good to set goals to achieve and look forward to. Susie shared how to get started with a bucket list and some of her current ideas. Read more


With the COVID pandemic leaving people unable to go away for their holidays, many people are now taking staycations including Susie! Read where Susie would recommend to take your next short break. Read more

Pedometer Adventures

It's amazing how much we do in a day without realising it. Susie discusses how buying a pedometer has led her to feel more confident in herself. Read more