Scottish Summer

A summer in Scotland is just what carer Susie needed to unwind and take a short break from her caring role. Read all about the lovely landmarks throughout her visit to Scotland. Read more

Finding some ME time!

After years and years of thinking of others first and always putting herself last, Susie has finally decided enough is enough and she is starting to look after number one for a change and to find some ME time! Read more

Move over Charlie Dimmock!

Susie's fingers get greener as she tries her hand at planting kale seeds and gets a taste for gardening as a relaxing hobby with health benefits! Read more

The Joys of Volunteering!

I have always been a “people person” so I think that may be the reason why I decided to volunteer but also, I think being an unpaid carer from an early age I could relate to people a lot more and especially have empathy for those in need. Read more

Remember you're a Womble!

Meet the Wardley Wombles in Susie's latest blog which sees her picking up litter in her scooter! Read more

Thank you for the music!

My husband bought me a small digital radio which means I can now enjoy listening to Heart 70’s and Heart 90’s so I am now happily singing along to either Sweet or Savage Garden! Read more


Join Susie as she welcomes in the New Year 'Susie Style': "It is a pity that King Arthur is not around as the number of times I have shielded over the last 9 months I could have definitely given Prince Lancelot a run for his money!" Read more


Did you start your shopping early like Susie and then enjoy eating the treats that you had hidden away (so that you couldn't get your hands on them!)... Read more

Happy Talk

I know not everyone has the confidence to start up a conversation with a complete stranger, however, even just a “Hello” or “Morning” can make such a difference to someone else’s day and it can make you feel good too! Read more

Caravan adventures in Seahouses

Caravan adventures in Seahouses stir up some great memories for Susie and her hubby as well as enjoying different dialects along the way! Read more

Pedometer Adventures

It's amazing how much we do in a day without realising it. Susie discusses how buying a pedometer has led her to feel more confident in herself. Read more


With the COVID pandemic leaving people unable to go away for their holidays, many people are now taking staycations including Susie! Read where Susie would recommend to take your next short break. Read more