The reason we set up a Carers COVID-19 Emergency Fund was to be able to respond quickly when a carer is in financial need and we are extremely grateful to our supporters who have and continue to donate to this appeal. If you can donate £10 or whatever you are able to afford this really will make a huge difference to a carer in need now. One of our beneficiaries shared this with us in the hope of encouraging other carers to give us a call. 

"I recently contacted Gateshead Carers Association when I found myself in a worrying situation - thankfully, my family were keeping safe and well during lock down, but finances suddenly became a huge worry for me. My son had stopped attending day care because of the virus, likewise my daughter couldn’t work - whilst I  knew this would keep my family safe, I also knew my money wasn’t lasting as long, despite every attempt to budget. I started to feel anxious, particularly as I didn’t know who I could turn to   for advice and support - it was here that I decided to  contact Gateshead Carers Association. I was so glad I did, as I was able to speak to someone who could help me with discretion, little fuss and quickly. There were no onerous forms to complete, and I received a payment straight into my bank account, within a short period of time from their Carers COVID 19 EMERGENCY FUND."

"This really helped me out in a tight spot, as I was very  worried about how I was going to cope  -  so  I would urge any Carer facing a difficult time to make contact with the team to discuss  the Emergency Fund, alongside  any additional support you may need." a Carer 

Call us now 0191 49 00 121    

To donate to our appeal, please click here. Thank you for making a difference.