Submissions close on 17/05/2021 at 12 noon

We'd love for you to get involved in our latest competition to create a design for our 25th Anniversary! One winning design will be used on our upcoming 25th Anniversary merchandise and promotional materials.

How do I get started?

You can create your design however you choose, whether that's digitally or with pen and paper.

The design can be super simple - it could even be a short phrase! It simply needs to fit onto a sheet of A4 paper and be clear to see. If you make a tiny design that is 5cm x 5cm, it will be very difficult to see when printed onto a t-shirt. 

Show us your support for carers in your designs 🎈

When you are thinking about what to put in the design, be sure to join Gateshead Carers in celebrating and supporting carers with whatever you create!

Our mission is to empower adult carers to be stronger and more confident, especially in realising their potential and goals!

We follow a set of values in our behaviours and attitudes and work towards demonstrating them in all our interactions with carers, colleagues, and our partners and stakeholders. Three key ones are our enthusiasm and positive attitude; communication that is open, fair, and considered, and a passion for inclusion, equalities, and diversity. 

Reflect our mission and values in your designs!

Submitting your designs

Once you have made your design and want to enter it into the competition, you will need to send it to us. If you have created non-digital art such as a painting, you will need to take some photographs of it. For digital art pieces, please send these to us as a .png .jpg (.jpeg) or .svg file. Please send them to us at [email protected] or submit them here.

Submissions close on 17/05/2021 at 12 noon.

Submit your designs here


Shortly after the competition has closed, a panel of judges made up of Gateshead Carers, staff, trustees, and volunteers will meet to decide a winner! We will then contact the lucky creator to let them know their design won! 

Example designs

These designs were made by members of staff at GCA.

This was made on an A4 piece of paper using pen and pencil. 

"It's a really simple design with a slogan which fits with the 25th anniversary and includes the iconic Angel of the North".

It was made digitally and fits onto a piece of A4 paper. 

"The design is really simple. I thought about how I could describe carers and what would bring a smile to their face if they saw this while out and about".

If this design won, it would be printed onto a t-shirt which we would sell as shown below.

Note, this is an example and will not be entered into the competition.